Brown Together

The Campaign for Building on Distinction

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  • A guard tower, barbed wire fencing and buildings of the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp

    Medical ethics and the Holocaust

    After a two-week fellowship in Europe, two medical students returned with resolve to recognize injustices in modern medicine.

  • Miracle Project

    A summer performance camp organized by the Brown-based Miracle Project New England uses the arts to help young people with autism engage, socialize and communicate.
  • A lifesaver, by design

    Like fire extinguishers or defibrillators, innovative NaloxBoxes created experts at Brown and RISD can make it easy for a bystander to save lives quickly.
  • Next-gen neurotech

    With a $19M federal grant, Brown Professor Arto Nurmikko will lead a global team of researchers in engineering a pioneering brain-computer interface.


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